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Organic farm

Nested inside the valley known as the “Tub” of Mirambello, very close to our base, our organic farm is located.
A you can understand from the name of the valley, it really looks like a tub where all the enrichened with elements waters from the water sources of the mountains around, including great trace minerals and metallic nutrients, end up in this valley. As a consequence, these waters flow in the farms of the area, getting deep inside the ground and absorbed by the roots of our olive trees.

It is blessed with a perfect microclimate due to its location, its altitude but also to its unique topography. Having these characteristics, it is ensured that this amazingly fertile land is the perfect place to cultivate the most ambrosial and resistant olive fruits. This land gives to our products their power, blessing them with discreet aromas and authentic flavours that have the ability to nourish our body and soul.

The olives ripen on the tree while they absorb ,in the sunny days, the aromas of the wild trees, the herbs and flowers of the area around. This natural process strengthens with a soft way the beautiful distinctive flavour and aroma of our olive oil. At the same time chosen herbs in our farm contribute to the protection of the olive fruit from specific weeds, as with this way an ideal natural microclimate is created.

The retention of the highest quality of our products using traditional ways is one of the principal goals of “Kokolakis Family”, but also our commitment to protect the planet. This commitment inspires our aim for the preservation and the sustainability of the environment. We are proud that we are one of the first businesses in the world with zero carbon footprint and by using natural fertilizers, renewable sources of energy and effective ways of managing the water, we protect, preserve and use our resources with mindfulness. We consciously cultivate the land with love and naturalness.