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About us

“Kokolakis Family” business established in 1974, in the traditional village Limnes, which is in the outskirts of Agios Nikolaos in Crete. Here, inside the olive groves of the area. It is about a family business of olive oil making, friendly for the environment and with sustainable development.

Our history began three generations back in family, when the vision of our grandfather Dimitris Kokolakis for an easily accesible olive mill, which would be very close to his and his fellow villagers’ olive groves that are located in the wider area, came to life.

"Since I was a kid, i was involved in machine engineering with friends, with our own hands and minds we were fixing machines in different olive mills of the area around. When I came to age, i began studying in the university of the "Royal Hellenic Air Force" in the department of Mechanical Engineering, from where i graduated succesfully."

Inspired by the eternal relationship between the human and this precious fruit of olive of cretan lands and equipped with knowledge around engineering, mr.Dimitris and his wife Doxa, who was in charge of the organising and of the management parts, had come to a meeting of minds and they began engaging in enviromental friendly installations, while using the most advanced technology of their time.


Having always by our side our grandfather’s vision and taking into consideration the endless reasearch of our father Manolis Kokolakis in order to broaden our knowledge for the art of olive oil extraction but also for feeling the joy of our unstoppable training in scouting high quality regulations and procedures of making fine greek standardised olive oils, we are in an indissoluble relationship with the unique fruit of olive. This joy we feel is because we are connected to our childhood’s memories, and we are always going back to our first reckless games in the olive groves of our grandfather and in the first installation of our olive mill.


Today, Dimitris Kokolakis, the grandson of the founder of the business, graduated from the Vocational High School of Neapolis as an engineer and with the knowledge he gained, as well as with his love and respect to the steps their ancestors made, he started travelling to Europe to broaden his knowledge and his experience in all the aspects of olive cultivation. Possesing now international certifications and having solid foundations, he came back to contribute as he now is one of the leading machinist of the ultramodern equipment.

Pelagia Kokolaki ( Chief Financial Officer). She combines her love for the work of the family business with her knowledge of finances, so she is in charge of the financial planning and organising of the business, as well as of the financial policymaking. Her work and knowledge play a very important role for the development of the business. She is also responsible for the communicative part.

Our promise is to make an excellent use of this precious and natural fruit of greek land by creating high quality olive oil and by following environmental friendly regulations and procedures of cultivation and processing in order to preserve the organic label and the highest quality of the award-winning extra virgin olive oil of our lands.