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Our locations is easily accesible as the base of the olive mill is in a place, which you can reach in a very short time through any olive grove in Mirambello.

In the edge of Mirambello flatland, in the “shadow” of ancient Driros, is located one of the oldest villages of the area, Limnes. This village is significantly productive and abundant and is surrounded by many settlements that were so much alive once and they still have large areas of land with many olive trees that are more than 100 years old.
These nostlagic images of the past compose its identity as “traditional community”. Our olive mill followed the architectural precepts and it can be characterised as “traditional”.

In the area around, you can discover small settlements and olive groves with herb gardens and wild flowers that all together compose a balanced ecosystem that enriches the unique flavour and the aromas of our olive oil.

You could also see in the hillsides but also in the flatlands, animals that are fed with the vegetation that is around the olive trees and by this way, all the weeds are removed and trees are growing with safety. At the same time, the animals’ manure helps in the topdressing of the soil. This is a cycle that helps cretan land to maintain healthy and productive.