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"Olive tree, the cretan's land sacred tree. The domestic cultivation of olive trees began in Greece and specifically in our island, Crete. The fruit of this sacred tree, the olive, was always a symbol of struggles, prosperity, peace, fertility and euphoria.

You are welcome in “playing” with the aromas and the flavors of the olive and through that, you will have the chance to get connected with the cretan land, take the knowledge of the cultivation process and finally have this unique experience of tasting the fruit of this great tree with all your senses.

This is an especially experiential journey that brings out the precious features of this beautiful tree’s fruit but also the high quality characteristics of the chosen extra virgin oil brands that you will be able to meet.

Embrace the feeling of the tasting that will be offered to you and prepare yourselves for a unique gastronomic experience based on dishes that perfectly match to the special characteristics of the virgin oil each brand has. All dishes are exclusively created by a chef and sommelier of Kokolaki’s family.

The great importance of the green gold in the cretan cuisine but also the benefits of it in our health is the trademark in the local culture. In the last few years, this has also become worldwidely known.

The experience

We will have a tour in our sophisticated technological oil producing equipment.

We will discuss about the tree, the fruit and the process of its cultivation and harvesting.

We will learn for the proper olive oil tasting with the guidance of a certified sommelier.
We will taste 4 different internationally award-winning olive oils, while you will be offered sprakling and mineral water, as well as pieces of bread and apple for the cleansing of your tasting palate.
We will discuss about all the details the consumer has to be aware of.

We will taste a traditional cretan treat made of high-quality local ingredients that will bring your visit to completion and will make this experience memorable.

Visit duration: 1,5-2 hours
Speaking languages: Greek, English,
Russian (upon agreement)